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Working as a working Student - Anastasiya Nederytsia

Posted by Viola Vester


I joined the LeanIX online marketing team as a working student last summer. As a student, it’s often quite hard to combine studies and work, but here it’s possible. I’m really happy to have flexible working hours and schedules. From time to time, I work from home, so I don’t always have to commute from Cologne to Bonn.

At Cologne Business School, I’m doing my master’s degree in digital marketing, and at LeanIX I can immediately implement what I’ve learned at university. I think it’s very important to know how to do such practical things as SEA and SEO in real life and not only learning from books. For me it’s like knowing all the rules on how to drive a car, but never even touching the wheel. While working, I learned much faster and I could immediately see the results. 

All in all, the experience as a working student at LeanIX is great because everyone has their own responsibilities to achieve the common goal. I feel like a full-time team member with full responsibilities, even though I’m working part-time. I’m sure that I’m growing professionally and personally every day working at LeanIX.