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Microservice Meetup - How to survive a Microservices Migration?  And Insights on Kubernetes on Azure

Posted by Viola Vester

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On August 22, 2018, we were happy to be the hosts of the regular "Bonner Microservices Meetup".IMG_5739

Over 40 attendees from different companies as well as from different universities joined us to listen to two interesting talks.

The first talk of this evening was held by our CEO André Christ. In his talk, he shared the experiences of LeanIX during our migration from a monolithic approach to a microservice based approach and how to overcome pitfalls along the way. For example, one pitfall to overcome in such a migration is the actual migration process of existing customer workspaces from the old system to the new system. 

During this critical phase, problems may arise unexpectedly, such that Scrum might not be suited anymore and a more flexible working model, such as Kanban, must be chosen. Also, with a system consisting of microservices, the deployment process becomes much more complex. Therefore, during a microservice migration, it should also be kept in mind, not to let the deployment process become the next monolith. One solution to address this problem is the software Kubernetes.

This topic was the subject of the second talk of the evening given by Daniel Neumann from Microsoft. In this talk, the attendees had the opportunity to not only gain some knowledge on Kubernetes but also on the service landscape which is offered by Microsoft to accelerate the development with Kubernetes. 

The Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) takes a central role in this landscape to enable users to deploy and run their software on Microsoft servers. With the Azure Container Instances, the Azure Container Registry, Visual Studio Team Services and Azure Monitor Container Health, they are developing a huge landscape of different services and tools to add even more value for the user.

After the two talks, there was the opportunity to discuss the presented topics while enjoying some delicious slices of pizza.

Thanks to Daniel Neumann and André Christ for giving the two talks and thanks to the two hosts of the Bonner microservices meetup Tobias Polley and Thomas Bayer.

We are excited to invite you all to our next Sales Meetup which will take place on 30.10.2018 in our Bonn office and also our Custumer Success Meetup on 18.10.2018 taking place in Boston.