An International Internship with LeanIX - Yannik Felber

Posted by Viola Vester


Gaining experience with a global company in a large American city like Boston has always been on my wishlist. When I decided to move from Germany to the United States in 2017, I sought to combine my bachelor's degree and my passion for football. Since then, I've been an intercollegiate athlete at Franklin Pierce University.

 This summer, I decided to stay in the U.S. for the first time during college break and pursue an internship to gain professional experience. I reached out to LeanIX via a personal recommendation. The first discussions were very positive, and my research on the company further piqued my interest. Beforehand, I was not familiar with enterprise architecture, but the company’s recent successes, paired with its young history and potential for future growth, inspired my decision to pursue and accept a summer internship.

 I was travelling through California during Spring Break when the COVID-19 pandemic started its outbreak in America. Upon my return, my university informed me it would close its facilities for the remainder of the spring semester and switch to an online format. This is when things got complicated. All the plans I made for the summer were in now in limbo, and after some thought, I found that it was best to fly home to Germany to be with my family.

Back in Germany, the pandemic became a long-term problem. I contacted LeanIX to discuss my upcoming internship in Boston since, given the travel restrictions, I was unable to return to the United States. Fortunately, LeanIX is an international company with its headquarters in Bonn and not far from my hometown. The agile nature of the organization allowed me to move my internship from Boston to Bonn. 

Overall, LeanIX has done an excellent job of responding to the current climate. Faced with a pandemic, the company has continued to demonstrate value to its customers with a fully remote workforce. I was integrated smoothly and effectively into the organization along with other new hires who were brought on remotely. The company sent me all necessary equipment and offered onboarding sessions through webinars to familiarize me with the tasks ahead. The company's well-organized mission and processes enabled every employee to continue contributing to LeanIX's success.

Personally, I am grateful that LeanIX has given me the opportunity to gain experience on a global level. I look forward to leaving my mark and contributing to the success of the company in the future.