A Great Place to work

Posted by Tim Achtermeyer

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Again, LeanIX has been certificated as a great place to work with our offices in the USA and Germany. This is extremely flattering. Reading the phrase, ‘a great place to work,’ you probably think about a great looking office. However in these times, most of the team is not working in our offices, but remotely. So, if it’s not the office, what else makes a company a great place to work? 

At LeanIX we are used to working from different places all over the world. We operate offices in Germany, the Netherlands, the USA, and in India. During the pandemic, everybody relies on video platforms like Zoom and instant messengers like Slack. Of course, this often makes communication more accessible, but - let’s be honest - sometimes also annoying.
So while state of the art equipment is necessary to become a great place to work, it is not the key element.In our opinion, it is all about team spirit. Motivation for LeanIX employees comes from feeling like a part of a team, instead of feeling “like a number,” like Brigid Cunningham once said in her employee story. At LeanIX, we believe the best is yet to come.
For us, it feels like we are all working toward a journey with a clear goal: become an impactful, global tech company. A journey can sometimes be challenging. Sometimes it is stormy, and waves crash against your ship. At LeanIX, your team becomes your crew; here, you are not swimming against the current, but you’re aboard the ship and charting your path with your team. We are proud of our international spirit, our atmosphere, and most of all, our Team. Our team makes LeanIX a great place to work.