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Employee Story – Niko, Working Student

Posted by Viola Vester


Who are you and what do you do at LeanIX?

Nikolas Glaser, working student engineering. I am studying for a masters degree computer science at Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg.

In engineering, I am working in Team Flow, which implements and maintains all integrations provided by LeanIX.


Since when are you here?

I am with LeanIX since November 2017.


Why do you like LeanIX?

I like the culture, lived at LeanIX. Even, if you are a student, you are respected fully and integrated as a normal employee. Each engineer is very helpful if you have questions while implementing stuff and you can make the stuff you like. You can introduce new ideas and push topics forward. We use modern technologies, tools and hardware so the work is real fun.


The best thing about your job is…?

Working in a great team on interesting topics and be able to produce values, which are used by customers.


If you are not working, where do you hang out?

I play semiprofessional volleyball for 12 years now and go to the gym. I play drums since I am 3 years old. I like to go out for a drink or play magic the gathering with friends or colleagues.


If you could switch jobs with someone at LeanIX for a day, who would you switch with and why?

No one … I love to be an engineer ;-)


How does your ideal work day look like?

I usually arrive at 8 o’ clock with Maik (colleague, friend and fellow student) and have a hot chocolate or a tea. I check my mails and organize the day while I have breakfast. After organizing I start coding or work on tasks of a story. At 9.30 am we have our daily standup with the team to update each other on the status of the current stories.

Lunch is at 12 until 1 pm and sometimes I finish the day with the release of a new feature/bugfix.


Where is your favorite place at LeanIX?

My working desk and the team room Lunar, where the table tennis board is placed (of course only during lunch break or while brainstorming with Maik).


Best thing to bring to TGIF?