Employee Story – Neil, Global Partner Operations Manager

Posted by Viola Vester


Who are you and what do you do at LeanIX? 

Neil O’Connor

I am a Global Partner Operations Manager at LeanIX. 


Since when are you here?

01.03.2017 – 01.08.2017 Boston, USA

01.08 – Present Bonn, Germany 


Why do you like LeanIX?

I like LeanIX because it challenges me to grow and progress professionally, in a transparent and logical, results-oriented way. LeanIX has also provided me with the opportunity to experience a completely new home country, and a working culture that actually encourages the development of a lot of skills that might otherwise take me years of work experience to be involved in. 


The best thing about your job is…?

The feeling that I am personally making a difference in the success of the whole organization. The willing eagerness of every single team-member to help each other (with both work, and outside of work things). 


If you are not working, where do you hang out?

Probably on a train/plane/bus on my way to somewhere new in Europe. 


If you could switch jobs with someone at LeanIX for a day, who would you switch with and why?

I would switch with Felix. I have always had high marks and high interest in statistics and data analysis during my days in university, so I would like to see how that translates into a day-to-day job at LeanIX.


How does your ideal work day look like?

After the daily standup, I work through my extensive backlog of demo-interested inbound leads to see if there are any good fits. Between then and Lunch, I promptly call all priorities, who each pick up and arrange several demos per day with our sales team, who all have wide-open calendar availabilities.

After lunch, I get quiet time, focusing on “big-picture,” tasks that will help develop the demand and sales team’s processes, making everyone’s goals easier to achieve.


Where is your favorite place at LeanIX?

The call booths. It feels like I have my own little kingdom and can make calls at will or have a quiet place to accomplish focus tasks.


Best thing to bring to TGIF?

Neil’s Famous Chocolate Clusters, that I usually only make with my family for Christmas in the US.