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Employee Story – Kristian, General Counsel

Posted by Viola Vester

Who are you and what do you do at LeanIX? 

I am Kristian and General Counsel at LeanIX. If it has anything to do with contracts, I will take care of it.


Since when are you here?

I started in January 2018. 


Why do you like LeanIX?

Because at LeanIX, as a general rule, no rules apply just because they are rules. 


The best thing about your job is…?

Even though I am a lawyer, I never have to wear a suit and tie. At LeanIX, you can wear whatever you want. Some kind of trousers is recommended however.


If you are not working, where do you hang out?

Where the good music is.


If you could switch jobs with someone at LeanIX for a day, who would you switch with and why?

No reason to switch at all. I like my job very much, and maybe it likes me a bit as well.


How does your ideal work day look like?

It would be a combination of all the best parts in the LeanIX calendar: The sprint review, when all people of LeanIX come together to have a look at what we have achieved within the last two weeks. Plus ”Thank God it’s Friday”, when everybody brings food to share and we all have lunch together. Finally, “beer after work”. No need to explain that, I guess.


Where is your favorite place at LeanIX?

Within eyesight of the coffee machine.


Best thing to bring to TGIF?

No doubt: Homemade raspberry cheesecake.