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Employee Story – Felix, Product Manager

Posted by Viola Vester

Who are you and what do you do at LeanIX?

My name is Felix and I am a mathematician by trade and after work, I dance as much as possible. At LeanIX I work as a Product Manager.


Since when are you here?

Since I got frustrated with all the traveling and the attitude of the consulting business - that is since March 2017 ;-).


Why do you like LeanIX?

I like LeanIX because it is a young team of people with a drive. I find the working environment very productive and at the end of most days, I can see what my work did and how our customers or my colleagues benefit from it. Also, having worked in bigger companies, I enjoy working at a smaller company, where everyone knows each other and one is able to actually make a difference.


The best thing about your job is…?

I can work on the latest technologies and bring my own ideas and concepts in. Also, my colleagues bring in ideas of their own and we inspire each other.


If you are not working, where do you hang out?

Did I already mention, I am very passionate about dancing (ballroom and latin)? So most of the time on the dance floor.


If you could switch jobs with someone at LeanIX for a day, who would you switch with and why?

Dominik Rose, he is doing a great job in communicating with our customers and onboarding them. I want to get a more direct feedback from our customers and see the good feedback, but also the things where we still can improve.


How does your ideal work day look like?

Coming in at 8 o'clock, checking e-mail and slack for anything new that happened, get back into the flow from where I left off yesterday and prepare the SCRUM board's tickets for the stand-up meeting. Get back into the flow, have one of those delicious burgers from the food truck around the corner, play some table-tennis to work off the calories and then doing a code review of the latest pull request with another member of the team, enjoy a hot beverage in the afternoon and then finish up the work I started in the morning - ideally delivering a new beta feature which makes LeanIX even smarter.


Where is your favorite place at LeanIX?

If I get stuck or need an idea, I will most likely challenge someone to a match of table tennis, so you'll probably find me in room 'Lunar'.


Best thing to bring to TGIF?

Sushi, definitely Sushi!