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Employee Story – Boston, US Home of LeanIX

Posted by Viola Vester


Who are you and what do you do at LeanIX?

I am the US headquarter of LeanIX and I may be the smaller one of the two offices, however we have a great view of the city, beer-after-work parties, along with frequent snacks and drinks provided.


Since when are you here?

I joined LeanIX on March 1st, 2017.  I’ve grown up and upgraded to a bigger space on Beacon St. in Boston where I have a nicer view and a growing team.


Why do you like LeanIX?

I like LeanIX, because the energy is contagious for our team, has strong enthusiasm to work each day that is exciting and my common space holds ambitious liked minded individuals.


The best thing about your job is…?

Being the nucleus of the team and watching them grow personally and professionally each day.


If you are not working, where do you hang out?

I like to hang out with my other WeWork friends, we talk to each other when no one is here.


If you could switch jobs with someone at LeanIX for a day, who would you switch with and why?

I would go to our Bonn office and enjoy our German colleagues and the amazing office space they have over there.


How does your ideal work day look like?

Each day is different whether I’m hosting speakers, food, or networking events for one of my colleagues, however my favorite day is watching our sales team ring the bell knowing that a new customer has joined our family.


Where is your favorite place at LeanIX?

It is hard to decide which place is my favorite, but I guess if I had to pick, it would be the common area because I get to see LeanIX team enjoy their time together and meet other office space colleagues.


Best thing to bring to TGIF?

Ann Marie’s pasta.  Delicious!