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Donating the Corona Bonus

Posted by Tim Achtermeyer


2020 has been a difficult year for all of us. Social distancing, working from home, and waiving of our favorite public place to go was not easy for anyone. However, we as LeanIX were able finish 2020 with success. That's why the leadership team decided to provide each employee with a 300€ "Corona Bonus".

Our Product Marketing Director Marion Richter decided to donate this bonus to two non-profit organizations for their work in Yemen. Here‘s why:

"The Covid-19 Virus hit all of our societies like a wave. But most western countries are stable – economically and politically – and have largely been able to manage the crisis. During the holiday season, which was a lot quieter than usual, I had some time to reflect on the year and consider the privileges we have compared to many other countries.

The situation in Yemen was already very bad before the pandemic started. A civil war has been raging in the country since 2015, and a protracted conflict, economic blockade, mass unemployment, displacement, and hunger prevails. Over three million in the country now live in emergency tents, 17 million have no access to clean water, and 24 million are dependent on humanitarian aid. The global pandemic is hitting the people of Yemen with full force – creating an emergency within an emergency.

NGO's and non-profit organizations try to help and make a difference. And while a single donation can achieve only little in the overall context, I still believe that all contributions – big or small – help to improve the situation. Therefore, I donated my bonus to UNICEF and Aktionsbündnis Katastophenhilfe (a collaboration of "Caritas", "Deutsches Rotes Kreuz", and "Diakanie“) to provide humanitarian help in the region.

Form the bottom of my heart I hope that in 2021 we‘ll finally be able to control and confine the pandemic – as this is the preconditions to improve the situation.“