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Data Science Meetup - Graph data processing with Neo4j and Apache Spark

Posted by Viola Vester

IMG_5739Data Science meetup

Even though it was anomalously warm for June in Bonn, and there was a Soccer game scheduled for the very same evening, about 35 'data scientists' of the 'Bonn Data Science Meetup' came together at LeanIX new headquarters to talk about "Graph data processing with Neo4j and Apache Spark".


Iryna Feuerstein presented how a database storing graphs in Neo4j works in a very hands-on fashion: The attendees could follow along in a prepared Databricks notebook.

After getting to know the syntax of the graph database and introducing practical problem statements that can be solved using a graph (this example was used and then we implemented a PageRank algorithm live), we went on to leverage the speed and power of Apache Spark to crunch more data in less time on a graph based data base.

The talk was already very good and a lot of questions and ideas had to be exchanged - of course while consuming a good, cold Kölsch and some delicious Pizza. After more than three hours the remaining data scientists decided to take the remaining topics to discuss off-site and thus a very inspiring meet-up at LeanIX ended. Thanks to everyone who came and made this a memorable and motivational evening.

We are also more than happy to welcome two new employees on 1st of November who got to know us at this meetup and applied right after.


You can review the meetup here