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LeanIX Insights

Starting remotely at LeanIX - Jan-Thomas Seutter von Loetzen (IT Consultant)

Starting a new job is always an inspiring thing to do. Therefore, it is natural to have first-day jitters: 

How will the colleagues be? Whats task expects me? And - not unessential at all - how does the office look?

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Employee Story -  Markus, Marketing Intern

Markus, you are our intern since March. So a long time of this internship runs by remote work. How do you feel about doing a remote internship?

At the start of my internship, I was lucky to work in the Bonn office for the first two weeks. I got to know my whole team and most of the other employees personally.

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What comes after university? - Career Week at IUBH with LeanIX

Nowadays, in the corona-times, a lot of enterprises stoped their hiring. These increases the role of career offices for students and enterprises, as they offer students the possibility to get to know enterprises, and the other way round.

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Employee Story -  Laura, Marketing Manager

Who are you?

Hey, I’m Laura Mauersberger. I’ve studied communication management, and I’ve lived in many places all over the world. Now, I’m in Germany and really happy.

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220 Home-Offices: Working in times of Corona

The world of work has changed a lot in the last few days. The streets are empty and so are most offices. Because of the coronavirus, companies are now dependent on employees being able to work well from home. We’re pleased that we equipped our employees from the outset with hardware and software that makes working from home not an issue at all.

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Working as a working Student - Anastasiya Nederytsia

I joined the LeanIX online marketing team as a working student last summer. As a student, it’s often quite hard to combine studies and work, but here it’s possible. I’m really happy to have flexible working hours and schedules. From time to time, I work from home, so I don’t always have to commute from Cologne to Bonn.

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Digital Girls´ Day 2020 @ LeanIX Corona won´ t get us down

LeanIX veranstaltet am 26.03.2020 einen digitalen Girls´ Day und gibt so allen interessierten, jungen Frauen  einen Einblick in verschiedene Berufe der IT.

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Zweiwöchiges Schülerpraktikum bei LeanIX

Ich habe in der 9. Klasse, von der Schule aus, ein zweiwöchiges Praktikum bei der IT Firma LeanIX gemacht.

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My Career Path at LeanIX - Enrique Trejo (Head of Customer Support Europe)

Here we are again!

As you know, I shared my experience during my first 100 days at LeanIX. Since then, it's been 1 year 5 months and every month is getting better and better.

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Mein Einwöchiges Schülerpraktikum bei LeanIX

Anfang Juli waren zwei Schülerpraktikanten bei LeanIX zu Besuch. In der Woche haben die beiden verschiedene Abteilungen durchlaufen. In diesem Blogartikel berichten Tillmann und Lena über ihre Woche bei LeanIX.

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