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(November 28, 2018)

The LeanIX Store Opens Its Doors


Located at https://store.leanix.net, the announcement was made by LeanIX CEO André Christ in his keynote speech at EA Connect Days 2018 in Bonn.

“We identified a critical issue where valuable time was wasted building and adopting the same types of reports across businesses,” said Christ. “The LeanIX Store solves this challenge by promoting knowledge-sharing while enabling the transparency and visibility necessary to show the strategic value of EA projects and stay version safe.”

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(May 29, 2018)

In Case You Missed It – The 2017 Enterprise Architecture Awards

Every year, Forrester puts on the Enterprise Architecture Awards. Vetted analysts performed the first round of review, the previous winners act as final judges and vote for the teams they believe had the most impact on moving their businesses forward. The companies remain unnamed during the voting process.

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(May 18, 2018)

The Week in Enterprise Architecture #20 | 2018

This week examines the drivers behind the growing interest for Kubernetes for data science and machine learning applications, why CIOs are ignoring blockchain, and the issues in Enterprise Of Things (EoT)'s security. Learn why EAs are integral in digital transformation success, and read the top 10 must-read DevOps books of 2018 in the Technology section below. 

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(May 04, 2018)

The Week in Enterprise Architecture #18 | 2018

Explore why enterprises are skipping containers and diving directly into serverless, learn top tips about building enterprise SEO, and take note of the crucial next steps for federal data security This week examines important topics on Enterprise IoT Projects: Data, Ml, Security, and the fall out of Telegram's convoluted ICO. 

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(April 27, 2018)

The Week in Enterprise Architecture #17 | 2018

Explore this week's Enterprise Architecture stories and key topics. Learn tips about agile architecture from the trenches; explore the intersection of IoT and blockchain from an exciting IoT startup, and discover Facebook's GDPR concerns. This week brings crucial commentary from relevant IT thought leaders from various industries.

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(April 20, 2018)

The Week in Enterprise Architecture #16 | 2018

Welcome to this week's biggest Enterprise Architecture stories and hottest topics, from digital transformation, microservices to the importance of CIOs! This week brings many exciting opportunities for the business world. 

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(April 13, 2018)

The Week in Enterprise Architecture #15 | 2018

Globalization, advances in technology, shareholder activism, and the push for greater social impact make capital decisions even more difficult. Learn how to approach value-driven capital allocation through 'value architecture.' 

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(April 06, 2018)

The Week in Enterprise Architecture #14 | 2018

Each year, Forrester and InfoWorld highlight the EA programs that have made a significant impact on their organizations—embracing the opportunities for helping their business be customer-led, insights-driven, fast, and connected.

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(March 30, 2018)

The Week in Enterprise Architecture #13 | 2018

Will Artificial Intelligence eliminate the need for data models? The process of quickly excavating buried data can be automated by machine learning techniques. Read the compelling article in the Enterprise Architecture section below.

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(March 23, 2018)

The Week in Enterprise Architecture #12 | 2018

A recent Panorama Consulting Solutions study revealed that enterprise resource planning (ERP) projects took an average of 21 months to install, with 57 percent of these projects experiencing timeline overruns. How much are these overruns costing? 

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