(April 23, 2018)

Top Microservices Trends of 2018

To meet the increasing expectations of business, today’s CIOs must make strategic decisions about their company’s IT architecture, and use the best-fit tools available to ensure innovation. This blog post will outline the top supporting tools, infrastructure layers, and architectures for Microservices in 2018.

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(April 03, 2018)

Microservices: Building a Digital Enterprise

Today, enterprises are adopting technologies like analytics, mobility, social media, IoT and smart embedded devices to change customer relationships, internal processes, and value propositions. Industry leaders recognize the need for innovation, agility and quick turnaround time in their digital enterprise business and increased customer demand. This leads to the adoption of Microservices and reduction in the dependency on monolithic applications, as they slow down the addition of incremental improvements to applications and underlying platforms in response to market demands. Microservices acts as building blocks for building modern distributed enterprise systems and become one of the enablers in the digital transformation journey.

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(March 21, 2018)

Microservices vs SOA - Know The Difference

Microservices remains a hot topic in the tech world, at conferences, fire-side chats, and in boardrooms. Recurrent questions always arise: “What is the difference between Microservices and SOA? Are Microservices an evolution of SOA or something entirely different? SOA and Microservices occupy different territory. Microservices and SOA are similar in many respects, and very different in others.  

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(February 15, 2018)

LeanIX Launches Microservices Management Add-On

As the first Software as a Service (SaaS) provider in the Enterprise Architecture (EA) market, LeanIX continues to make groundbreaking strides by adding powerful features to our award-winning portfolio. More than 70% of multinational enterprises and mid-size businesses plan to migrate to microservices within the next 12 months, and with that in mind, we’ve added a new feature to our list: a fully supported microservices management add-on.

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(December 28, 2017)

An Inside Look at Microservices at LeanIX

As a lean, solutions-driven SaaS company, LeanIX provides innovative solutions to our many clients. We assist them in Mergers & Acquisitions, Cloud Transformation, setting up beneficial IoT architectures, preparing for and dealing with technology obsolescence, data compliance, application rationalization, and many other use cases.

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(December 20, 2017)

How Microservices Helped Startup Blinkist to Scale Their Vision

When speaking of microservices, it is common to speak about long-standing institutions finally making a change after taking a hard look at their monolithic code base. This situation is very different. At EA Connect Day 2017, we learned about businesses at every stage benefitting from microservices.

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(December 05, 2017)

Developing Microservices with Java

Microservices is a powerful term with a game-changing outcome. Early adopters of microservices have been catapulted to greatness – companies like Amazon, Google, Twitter, eBay, and Netflix. Airbnb, Disney, Dropbox, GE, and Goldman Sachs have also seen development lead times cut by as much as 75% when using microservices.

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(October 04, 2017)

Getting Started With Microservices Part 3: Best Practices for Implementation

Part 1 of this series discussed the benefits of implementing a microservice architecture in your organization. Part 2 discussed the few, but prevalent considerations before implementation.

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(September 21, 2017)

Join us at the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo to learn more about microservices

To meet expectations of business, today’s CIOs must make strategic decisions about their company’s IT architecture, and use the tools available to the company innovative and competitive. By now, you’ve heard about microservices many times. The hype around microservices isn’t baseless, microservice architectures have proven to be critical to the success of many enterprises.

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(September 11, 2017)

Getting Started With Microservices Part 2: Considerations Before Implementation.

In this four part blog series about Microservices, we highlight the benefits, the challenges, and outline which tools are preferred to productively implement microservices into your organization’s architecture.

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