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(August 02, 2018)

Combining the pillars of modern Enterprise Architecture: Inventory and Modeling

Let’s review two indispensable tools for any self-respecting Enterprise Architect (EA): Inventorying and Modeling.

Both mechanisms provide unique advantages for handling complex IT ecosystems—and both present limitations which only the other can improve. 

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(May 14, 2018)

5 Critical IT Architecture Challenges Solved With Real-Time Metrics [Video]

Learn how to rethink Enterprise Architecture by combining your existing EA repository with real-time data from our latest webinar. Gartner reports that 90% of the information assets from big data analytics efforts through 2017 will be siloed and therefore unleveragable. LeanIX makes all information available in a single repository of information, which helps to solve many use cases. 

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(April 17, 2018)

4 Steps to Effective IT Spending with Enterprise Architecture

In times of economic instability, fast technological growth, and outward pressure from startups, enterprises are seeking to stretch their budgets to get the most out of it. Certainly, one of the fastest-growing areas and enablers of future growth is information technology, but it is also one of the biggest budget spenders.

Finding areas to save costs isn’t easy. CIOs spent years and years reducing costs by merging data centers and help desks, virtualizing servers, rationalizing processes, delaying upgrades, and outsourcing services. Even more concerning, a recent Bain & Company study highlighted that in most companies IT doesn’t even adhere to the overall business strategy. As a result, companies may spend, on average, 20 percent more on IT than they really need to. 

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(March 08, 2018)

Building Experiences: The Role of Modern IT Service Delivery


Earlier this month, LeanIX co-founder and Co-CEO, André Christ participated in a panel session at the ServiceNow FedForum: Modernizing Government IT Now event in Washington, DC. He was joined by some of the best and brightest in Federal IT, including Renee Wynn (NASA) Mark Patterson (Department of the Army Civilian Human Resources Agency), Mike Parker (U.S. Air Force) and Scott Blackburn (Department of Veterans Affairs).

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(February 07, 2018)

The Challenges of Modernizing Government IT

As digital transformation changes the face of entire industries; the government is next on the list. Companies are taking advantage of real-time analytics, automation, machine learning and cloud-based IT services, which enables them to reduce costs, minimize risks, and gain control of costly IT sprawl.

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(January 11, 2018)

Customer Success at LeanIX

Customers of different industries and sizes trust in LeanIX. What they love most about the tool are the quick setup, meaningful reports, value-oriented features, and the dedicated customer success initiative.

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(January 09, 2018)

Organize Your Enterprise with Business Capability Maps

One of the core views of enterprise architecture is a business capability matrix. Business capability modeling is a technique for the representation of an organization’s business anchor model, independent of the organization’s structure, process, team members, or domain.

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(December 29, 2017)

LeanIX Success Story Roundup

As we end the year, we would like to take a look at our top 5 current success stories. From strategic M&As to complex application rationalization projects, we have helped our numerous customers achieve success.

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(December 27, 2017)

2017 Roundup - Most Viewed Articles

As the year is coming to an end, LeanIX would like to highlight our top 5 most viewed posts. These posts have continued to bring relevance, awareness, and connect us with new viewers. Check out our top blogs, if you haven't already!

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(December 25, 2017)

Merry Christmas from LeanIX!

On behalf of the team at LeanIX, we want to wish you a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

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