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Enterprise Architecture Frameworks

 How far have we come? 


Today’s Enterprise Architecture is equally relied on to support IT and Business needs. It is perceived less as a framework for corralling technology into clever models and plans than as a collaborative nexus to an operation’s every behaviour.

But it’s taken a while for this mindset to come about.

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Mission Possible: Implementing a Lean Approach to Enterprise Architecture

During EA Connect Day this past June in New York City, LeanIX Co-Founder and Co-CEO André Christ, shared his insights into how LeanIX is helping customers, both large and small, future-proof their IT architecture with modern Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM).

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IT Architecture Is Constantly in Flux

The ancient philosopher Heraclitus of Ephesus was one of the most important thinkers in history. Born in 530 BC, Heraclitus’ views on change and flow affected the future philosophies and had a significant impact on the works of many philosophers from Marcus Aurelius to Friedrich Nietzsche.

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Lean EAM Conference 2016 – EAM as driver of Digitization?

This year’s Lean Conference is took place in Munich on November the 15th. This is one of the major conferences addressing the issue of Lean Enterprise Architecture Management in Germany and of course LeanIX couldn’t miss it.

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Big Data: Using agile Enterprise Architecture to tame the data deluge

„We are drowning in information and starved for knowledge.“

 The volume of data available to organizations is growing exponentially; the flood of data from the internet, sensors and images holds great opportunities for the business. At the same time the greatest challenge remains to derive valuable business information from the data flows. Only 29% of architects believe that their organizations are good at connecting analytics results to business outcome, according to Forrester.

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Enterprise Architecture enables Internet of Things (IoT) success

The Internet of Things (IoT) is no longer just the "next big thing". It not only dominated the conferences of the last few years, it has long arrived in our every day lives. Even if the majority of consumers still do not understand the term "IoT", most of them know examples of use, such as fitness bracelets and smart household goods, without realizing that these devices have something to do with the Internet of Things.

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LeanIX Metrics - data is only valuable in the right context

In a series of blog posts we would like to examine, how the enormous amounts of data that are available to us today can be put into a context with IT thanks to Enterprise Architecture (EA). In this first post we will introduce the subject, in a series of further articles we will explore a case study, in which real-time metrics allow for better business decisions, five use cases for real-time metrics and how you can get started with real-time metrics and iterate quickly.
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New Success Story: How Nottingham University drastically cut project setup times with automated IT management

The University of Nottingham has award-winning campuses in the United Kingdom, China and Malaysia and hosts a truly global academic community comprising of 44,000 students and 9,000 staff. It is regularly ranked among the top universities world-wide. The development from a UK-based university to a truly global setup has multiplied complexity in IT.

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LeanIX at the Forrester Digital Transformation Forum Europe 2016

This year’s Forrester Digital Transformation Forum dealt with the whole scope of digitization topics organizations have to take care of. Forrester Vice President Martin Gill claimed from the beginning that being just customer-centric is not enough nowadays. He showed examples of techniques how companies can understand their customers as thoroughly as is necessary today – and preferably improve their products together with their customers. This was elaborated on during the two days of the event in presentations around subjects like API strategies, risks and chances of blockchains, Internet of Things, but also new data security requirements. The chosen topics confirmed once more how necessary the close integration of business and IT is in times of digital transformation, as well as the ability to react promptly to changing customer requests.

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Lean Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) - Getting started on digital transformation

In our final blog post of our series on how lean EAM can play a vital role on the road to digital transformation, we suggest how to get started:

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