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(March 19, 2019)

Information Architects: Artificial Intelligence's Best Friend

What's the connection?


At a glance:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) can only leverage information that has first been carefully structured.
  • Information Architecture (IA) can prepare enterprises and their data for AI deployment to enact accurate and strategic analytic decision-making.
  • AI systems require supervision, planning, and cleansed data.
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(January 22, 2018)

What Artificial Intelligence Means for Your Business - Part Three

In a post, we highlighted the current state of AI and explored the first steps your company should take to prepare for AI.  This final installment will peruse the top six promising commercial AI use cases.

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(January 18, 2018)

Artificial Intelligence - Expert Systems | LeanIX

As enterprises got comfortable with the terms artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data in 2017, 2018 will be the year that organizations begin architecting a roadmap for implementation.

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(January 16, 2018)

The Era of Quantum Computing and Big Data Analytics

We as people currently produce 2.5 exabytes of data per day. What is an Exabyte? A terabyte follows the gigabyte and is equal to about one trillion bytes, or 1,000 gigabytes. Next, there is the petabyte, which encompasses nearly 1,000 terabytes. Finally, we reach the exabyte. An exabyte is equal to approximately one billion gigabytes.

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(January 15, 2018)

What Artificial Intelligence Means for Your Business - Part Two

In a previous post, we highlighted the current state of AIand explored ways to utilize AI to improve business processes. This second installment will cover the steps needed to prepare your company for AI.

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(January 08, 2018)

What Artificial Intelligence Means for Your Business - Right Now

In their efforts to deploy and apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) in their organizations, many companies are facing certain challenges, lack of resources and skills being among the most significant ones. This blog series will explain what AI is and explores how it can create value for your business right now, as well as the necessary steps to take, before any AI-based solution can be deployed. We will look at several use cases and success stories from different industries that show how AI is applied successfully today.

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(November 07, 2017)

7 Innovative Examples Of Artificial Intelligence In Use Today

We are living in the golden age of artificial intelligence. Smart technologies are seeping into our lives in many ways, often bringing along very beneficial and helpful services. Although the machines have not taken over just yet, we can still see the effect of artificial intelligence in our lives.

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(November 06, 2017)

An Enterprise Architect's Guide to Machine Learning Series: Part 4

In this fourth and final installment, we leave you with the top machine learning lessons learned from a growing SaaS company, and actionable tips to prepare your company for machine learning techniques.

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(November 02, 2017)

The Difference Between Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning.

We’ve all heard of the possibilities of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning. There have been many situations where artificial intelligence has made a measurable impact on an organization, and there have also been situations where organizations have wasted millions of dollars on seemingly innovative technologies with no direct output.  

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(October 31, 2017)

An Enterprise Architect's Guide to Machine Learning Series: Part 3

In part 1 of this series, we defined machine learning and made the connection to enterprise architecture. In part 2, we covered the three types of machine learning algorithms. In our third installment, we will explain how to make machine learning algorithms in six steps.

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