The Week in Enterprise Architecture #48 | 2017

Posted by Lesa Moné on 01 December 2017


Did you miss EA Connect Day? With over 230 attendees, EA Connect Day event firmly takes the center stage as Europe’s most prestigious EA event. Read the highlights and key takeaways from exciting keynote speakers below. 

Is cloud microsegmentation secure enough for enterprise use? The microsegementation has been met with tedious hesitation. See what leading experts think in the 'Enterprise Architecture' section. Can automatic language translation function without referencing parallel text? Two recently published papers suggest so. What are the leading DevOps trends that will affect your company? Powerhouse software engineer Amy Chen gives her insights on the inner workings of Kubernetes. Alexa will soon be in offices everywhere. 


What else is happening in the EA world? Check out the news below!



EA Connect Day 2017
Between informative presentations, guests found plenty of time to network and took part in interactive discourse like the World Café discussion format. In this format, participants gathered to discussed EA hot topics in depth with domain experts of their fieldWhat better way to learn actionable insights than to speak one-on-one with dedicated experts?  Explore the event highlights here.

Is Cloud Microsegmentation Secure Enough for Enterprise Use?
As software-defined cloud microsegmentation is likely the future of basic workload protection, it's a technical area that security teams absolutely need to grow comfortable with in the near future. Read the full article here


How Big Data Models Can Create More Data Insights in Future
What makes big data a wholesome solution to the data thriving businesses is its scope to analyze heavy volumes of data that addresses user specific or business specific problems. Big data has undisputedly given more scope to the business intelligence teams. Read more about the potential of big data from this article.

Artificial Intelligence Goes Bilingual—Without a Dictionary
Thanks to neural networks - computer algorithms that take inspiration from the human brain. But training such networks requires an enormous amount of data: millions of sentence-by-sentence translations to demonstrate how a human would do it. Now, two new papers show that neural networks can learn to translate with no parallel texts—a surprising advance that could make documents in many languages more accessible. Read the research here


Using Microservices to Accelerate Delivery
High-velocity development has always been the goal of technology leaders, and microservices is one of the latest means to that end. An important aspect of this approach is being able to do more with more developers. It’s a hard truth that most teams don‘t become faster just by adding more developers. In fact, they too often become slower. Read the full article here.  

From 0 to Kubernetes - a Talk by Amy Chen
In her Lightning Talk at All Things Open 2017,  Amy Chen, a software engineer at Rancher Labs clears up the Kubernetes confusion. Listen to her informative speech here



Five DevOps Trends to Watch out For
This article highlights the top five DevOps trends that may benefit your company. 

Amazon Is Putting Alexa in the Office
At the AWS reinvent conference, Amazon will announce Alexa for Business, according to the WSJ. The new platform will let companies build out their own skills and integrations for both practical and business use cases. Read the full article here. 

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