(May 09, 2018)

Business Case Calculator for Enterprise Architecture

While the value of Enterprise Architecture is intuitively clear to many people, the hard numbers, in terms of dollars or euros, may be hard to grasp. How much is added IT landscape transparency worth in numbers? We created this tool to assist Enterprise Architects in justifying the investment in the EA specific tools you use, projects, and the existence of the EA team. 

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(May 08, 2018)

Best Practices to Define Technology Stacks [Infographic]

This printable infographic leverages visual technology stack examples to enable you to create the perfect tech stack for your organization.

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(May 07, 2018)

Increase Your Enterprise Architecture Data Quality with LeanIX

Maintaining data quality is an ongoing issue that affects many businesses. Millions of dollars of budget are wasted every year because of poor data quality.  Companies rely on accurate data to assist their marketing, sales and customer service efforts. If the marketing department doesn’t have the right information on their customers, they could waste precious time chasing leads that don't exist.

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(May 04, 2018)

The Week in Enterprise Architecture #18 | 2018

Explore why enterprises are skipping containers and diving directly into serverless, learn top tips about building enterprise SEO, and take note of the crucial next steps for federal data security This week examines important topics on Enterprise IoT Projects: Data, Ml, Security, and the fall out of Telegram's convoluted ICO. 

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(May 03, 2018)

LeanIX Announces New Partner - Detecon Consulting

LeanIX is pleased to announce the addition of Detecon to its Partner Ecosystem.

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(May 03, 2018)

What Constitutes a Clean Architecture? [Humor]

Is great coding the base behind every good architecture, or is it the other way around? Learn practical insights into how to establish and nurture a clean architecture from our white paper below.

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(May 02, 2018)

Learn How Nottingham University Adapted to Automated IT Management

This article explains how Nottingham University redefined student support processes with the help of smart automated IT management.

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(April 27, 2018)

The Week in Enterprise Architecture #17 | 2018

Explore this week's Enterprise Architecture stories and key topics. Learn tips about agile architecture from the trenches; explore the intersection of IoT and blockchain from an exciting IoT startup, and discover Facebook's GDPR concerns. This week brings crucial commentary from relevant IT thought leaders from various industries.

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(April 25, 2018)

Enterprise Architecture and IT Service Management Go Together

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(April 24, 2018)

The Mind of the Modern Enterprise Architect

The results are out. McKinsey reports that IT is expected to have a more strategic and dominating role in enterprises - and Enterprise Architects are at the forefront of these leaders. Enterprise Architects are rising stars of the IT department. But with this new influence comes a heightened responsibility. Enterprise Architects must raise their skills, visibility, and influence within the organization by leveraging cutting-edge technology and an agile mindset to move the business’s innovation agenda forward. This blogpost will detail the mindset of the modern Enterprise Architect.

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