(April 10, 2018)

EA Connect Day Announces Keynote Speaker David McCandless

In previous EA Connect Day conferences, we‘ve learned actionable insights and valuable information from prominent speakers, including:

  • Andreas Bosch, Enterprise Architect, McKesson Europe AG
  • Peter Boegler, Chief Enterprise Architect, SAP
  • Michael Voegele, CIO, adidas.
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(April 09, 2018)

 What to Make of Blockchain as an Enterprise Architect - Part One

One of the top promising trends on the tech landscape is blockchain. Blockchain technology is sweeping the world with possibility and has the potential to spark a considerable change in the workflow of business procedures and pave the way for innovation and growth. In the business world, blockchain will radically change the enterprise by eliminating third-party facilitators, increasing data security and efficiency, and increasing the speed of transactions. Gartner projects that blockchain’s business value-add will grow to $176 billion by 2025. Want to know how enterprise architecture and blockchain intersect? 

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(April 06, 2018)

The Week in Enterprise Architecture #14 | 2018

Each year, Forrester and InfoWorld highlight the EA programs that have made a significant impact on their organizations—embracing the opportunities for helping their business be customer-led, insights-driven, fast, and connected.

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(April 04, 2018)

How to Perform a Technology Risk Assessment

Sometime at the beginning of the year, the Head of Infrastructure of a manufacturing company walks into the CIO’s office: “I just had Oracle on the phone. We have a problem”, he said. “Why is that?”, asks the CIO. “We need to get off that Version 11 Database. They are going to waive premium support and the security risk is no longer acceptable”. “Uh, ok… What does this really mean?", asks the CIO looking puzzled. The head of infrastructure starts to explain: “The migration will have quite a few ripple effects, and the new version requires a newer server operating system. That means some of the older servers need to be replaced. I suspect that a large number of applications will be affected, and migration from the older ERP legacy systems will be tricky. I cannot promise that we will make it without any production downtime.” With a worried expression, the CIO mutters, “I wish you would have told me that before the budget planning two months ago…” Source

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(April 03, 2018)

Microservices: Building a Digital Enterprise

Today, enterprises are adopting technologies like analytics, mobility, social media, IoT and smart embedded devices to change customer relationships, internal processes, and value propositions. Industry leaders recognize the need for innovation, agility and quick turnaround time in their digital enterprise business and increased customer demand. This leads to the adoption of Microservices and reduction in the dependency on monolithic applications, as they slow down the addition of incremental improvements to applications and underlying platforms in response to market demands. Microservices acts as building blocks for building modern distributed enterprise systems and become one of the enablers in the digital transformation journey.

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(April 02, 2018)

9 Use Cases Solved With Enterprise Architecture: Part Three

In a previous post, we highlighted three use cases solved with Enterprise Architecture: Integration Architecture, Technology Obsolescence, and Data Compliance. For a full overview of these Enterprise Architecture use cases, and specialized EA tools may help, see this post

This third and final installment of the 9 uses cases solved with Enterprise Architecture; we highlight the following four use-cases: Standards Governance, Monolith to Microservices, Cloud Transformation, and IoT Architecture.

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(March 30, 2018)

The Week in Enterprise Architecture #13 | 2018

Will Artificial Intelligence eliminate the need for data models? The process of quickly excavating buried data can be automated by machine learning techniques. Read the compelling article in the Enterprise Architecture section below.

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(March 29, 2018)

Enterprise Architecture Application Portfolio Management Best Practices

Obscurity in the Application Portfolio Landscape

Imagine you’re browsing retail stores in the mall. You have a healthy collection of business attire in various colors, leisure attire, and pajamas at home, yet somehow, you are drawn to a clothing store. A cream-colored cardigan jumps out at you. “This will go well with my burgundy corduroy pants.” you think. You approach the register, eagerly pay the €130, and head home.

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(March 28, 2018)

The Evolution of Enterprise Architecture

The birth of Enterprise Architecture

In the 1980s, John Zachman wrote “A Framework for Information Systems Architecture,” and from there, the ideas around Enterprise Architecture were born. Zachman pointed out that with the increasing size and complexity of the implementations of information systems, it would be beneficial to construct architecture for defining and controlling the interfaces and the integration of all of the components of the system.

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(March 27, 2018)

Top DevOps Tools That IT Pros Are Using in 2018

Below is the complete list of the top DevOps tools that you need to know in 2018. Before diving into the list, you should know exactly what DevOps is.  DevOps   and agile development are two ways to prepare for digital transformation.  Both methods speed up times to market, change company culture, and enable continuous delivery. However, agile development can bring added complexity to an already intricate application landscape. 
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