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US EA Connect Day 2019: Final Agenda Announced

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LeanIX’s US EA Connect Day 2019 will happen on May 30 in New York City. Space is getting very limited, so if you haven’t already reserved your all-entry pass into a conference entirely dedicated to the leading trends in Enterprise Architecture and exciting feature updates about LeanIX, we recommend doing so before it’s too late.

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Updating IT Portfolios With Enterprise Architecture Management and LeanIX

Java SE 8, Windows Server 2008 and whatever else vendors send your way


Oracle’s 2019 terms and agreements for commercial users of its Java SE 8 platform put Enterprise Architects on the lookout earlier than was expected for affected services in their IT network.

It’s the first Java version of many that the vendor has limited to a six-month transition cycle and grouped into its new subscription-based monthly pricing model—a stark departure from their previous offering of upfront licensing and annual support for two prior iterations of the language at a time.

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The Beauty of Choice: Configuration and Application Portfolio Management With LeanIX

Empowering your strategic approach to IT


How does your business define “good” Enterprise Architecture?

Rainer Bartsch, Senior Enterprise Architect for RWE Supply & Trading, asked audiences this question during his presentation on “Application Harmonization using Design Principles in LeanIX” at LeanIX’s EA Connect Days—an annual conference of ideas and technologies related to the world of Enterprise Architecture.

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Starting Conversations With Collaborative Enterprise Architecture: Data Collection and IT Inventorying With LeanIX

A proven method


It’s sad to say, but we’ve forgotten how to work in teams. Despite the proliferation of Kanban boards, daily “Agile” stand-ups, Google Docs/Polls and Slack, we still fail to ask the right questions at the right times to get answers to the problems that matter most.

So just imagine how difficult it is for Enterprise Architects to collect data in environments where communication channels don’t actually produce much in the way of meaningful (read: fact-driven) communication.

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Curing IT Complexity With Modern EA Management: A Customer's Journey

A lesson in organization


RUAG, a Switzerland-based manufacturer of technologies for the aviation, space and defence industries, needed a clear look into its IT portfolio.

After 15 years of consistent M&A and investments in new technology, their risk management efforts had become increasingly hard to manage as a result of its imprecise inventory of IT assets. In particular, it had collected a total of 17 ERP-like systems and 17 instances of SAP—the combinations of which were significantly muddying attempts to obtain a functional overview of their present and potential IT capacities.

Transparency was needed to enable further activities—and fast.

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US EA Connect Day 2019: May 30, New York City

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Enterprise Architecture (EA) is a discipline that prepares organizations for the future—and LeanIX’s second annual US EA Connect Day on May 30 in New York City will give all attendees direct access to the best technologies, processes and people to help their businesses reach their targets sooner.

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Information Architects: Artificial Intelligence's Best Friend

What's the connection?


At a glance:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) can only leverage information that has first been carefully structured.
  • Information Architecture (IA) can prepare enterprises and their data for AI deployment to enact accurate and strategic analytic decision-making.
  • AI systems require supervision, planning, and cleansed data.
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The Relationship Between Enterprise Architecture and DevOps

How do they co-exist?


At a glance:

  • "DevOps" (Development + Operations) is an offset of the Agile revolution dedicated to increasing both time-to-market and quality-to-market.
  • Enterprise Architecture (EA) ensures that DevOps teams are integrated in mutually beneficial manners to ensure that processes (especially those that are automated) are built using relevant technology and data sources.
  • EA Management is a modern discipline equipped to streamline three core elements of DevOps throughout large-scale environments: Automation; Analytics; and Sharing. 
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Analyst Picks: Independent Research Firm Names LeanIX a Strong Performer in EAMS

New Forrester Wave identifies the need for Enterprise Architects to focus more on strategy and asset management 


Enterprise Architects have been talking—and the right people have been listening.

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An Enterprise Architecture Framework for Cloud Adoption

A guide on how to perform Enterprise Architecture in cloud-based environments


Enterprise Architecture (EA) functions to assist enterprises in building structural foundations to match proposed business strategies. It captures the vision of an enterprise by integrating its dimensions to contextualize transformation strategies, organizational structures, business capabilities, data pools, IT applications, and all technology objects. Every business unit of an enterprise is subject to change, and each change may have significant consequences throughout organizational domains.

An enterprise that wants to adopt the cloud across all the business units must have a mature and well-formed understanding of its Enterprise Architecture and a clear view of components therein.

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