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(November 15, 2018)

Further Education: 12 Certificates for Enterprise Architects

Higher learning to solidify your expertise


A career in Enterprise Architecture can be bolstered by a variety of industry certifications. Indeed it is expected that EAs stay current of IT and business trends to execute fitting architectural designs for their organizations. So, whether related to systems thinking, project management skills, IT governance and operations, or hardware and software knowledge, here are 12 certifications to augment a life in EA:


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(November 14, 2018)

6 Things You Need to Know About IT Transformation Into the Cloud...

...and how traditional IT must change its behaviour


You already know this, but Cloud Technology has kind of changed the business world—not just the lives of IT professionals.

Cloud-enablement, and the proliferation of SaaS systems, has advanced to a point where start-ups can harness enough capacity from leased technology to challenge industry titans without actually needing a staff of IT support engineers.

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(November 13, 2018)

6 Ways to Automate IT Effectively

André Christ shares his best practices


Life is better if IT processes become automated. When software and applications are leveraged to minimize manual labor and maximize efficiency, an atmospheric change occurs in enterprises—more smiles, an economy of compliments, children are reunited with their parents, etc.

The opposite is true, however, when sequences are built and deployed poorly. Bad automation causes a backlog of errors—ranging from technical to organizational—almost impossible to fix with architecture management alone.

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(November 07, 2018)

Viewpoints to Providing Value to Enterprise Architecture Stakeholders

The eight people you must impress


Stakeholder Management ideally requires both zen and versatility. But for Enterprise Architect’s who keep forgetting to enroll in that 10-day Vipassana silent retreat their friend of a friend once took, there remain ways to coolly communicate the value of EA to mixed audiences.

No matter if speaking from an IT, Business, Operational, or Strategic perspective, a modern EA Management Tool can assuage all varieties of stakeholder concerns.

And we’ve conveniently arranged these ways into eight categories—each according to a specific breed of EA collaborator and concern.

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(October 29, 2018)

How to Succeed with Enterprise Architecture (Part 3)

EA solutions found inside the White Paper


We've discussed what to do in your first 100 days as an Enterprise Architect. Now let's directly discuss the role of an EA Management tool in supplementing innovation itself. 

Reason being, operations frequently commit to digitalization without knowing the full extent of its potential. They modernize because they have to—because their competitors are and so must they.

The experts say move. And so we pick up an Enterprise Architecture guide and move.

This is not necessarily bad, of course. Beneficial change, no matter the underlying motive, is good. It’s just that in pursuits of innovation, occupational perspectives on new technology are often badly communicated.

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(October 22, 2018)

Starting Strong: The Accidental Enterprise Architect (Part 2)

How to survive your first days on the job


You’ve been put in charge of integrating a billion dollar company’s IT infrastructure.

Shock and fear hasn’t subsided but you nonetheless act as if everything is cool. As if you’ve done it all before.

To no one in particular, you repeat the golden mantra of modern EA:


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(October 17, 2018)

Post-Merger Blues: The Accidental Enterprise Architect (Part 1)

The unexpected beginnings of a dynamic career


Your days consist of fitting business needs with IT capacity.

Patterns in an organization appear before you like a cascade of green binary.

And, most importantly, co-workers don’t totally hate talking to you…

At some point in time, whether or not you even realized it, you became an Enterprise Architect—that rare breed of crazy which speaks IT but thinks in business.

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(October 12, 2018)

Data Breaches: Assess and Mitigate IT Risks (Part 2)

Can higher quality data lead to smarter security?


Exactis, a US-based marketing firm you didn’t know existed, discovered earlier this year that it was storing its database of 340 million customer records on a publicly accessible server. The security firm which located the risk told WIRED it was one of the most far-reaching databases of information it had ever seen—the entirety of which was easily vulnerable to attack.

Exactis’ failure presents obvious parallels to Equifax Inc.’s 2017 breach of 143 million US customers’ Social Security Numbers and much else. Disasters like it are why Senator Elizabeth Warren is championing for an Office of Cybersecurity at the US Federal Trade Commission to enforce higher data protection standards for handling consumer records.

The core principles of Senator Warren’s proposed Data Breach Prevention and Compensation Act of 2018 (DBPCA) became a reality in the European Union as of last May. For EU members it’s called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)—and the LeanIX blog has reported on it from conception to reality plus hosted compliance seminars with those like Andreas Bosch from McKesson. But seeing that many EU companies grapple with its terms, are American enterprises likely to also struggle if/when their turn to submit?

And more specifically, must Enterprise Architects re-think operations to prepare for whatever wave of intensified scrutiny is coming their way?

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(October 11, 2018)

Enterprise Architecture Governance: A Holistic View


Enterprise Architecture Governance is a practice encompassing the fundamental aspects of managing a business. It involves firm leadership, a complete knowledge of organizational structure, a confident direction, and the enablement of effective IT processes to promote an enterprise’s strategies.

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(October 09, 2018)

Technology Obsolescence: Assess and Mitigate IT Risks (Part 1)

The not-so-modern phenomenon making the digitalized world shudder

Surprising no one, Allianz Group has named Business Interruption (BI) as the global business community’s most feared risk in its 2018 Risk Barometer report. It is now the sixth straight year that BI has taken this distinction.

What this means is that more than 1,900 risk management experts from top international enterprises have expressed, ad nauseum, the perils of systems outages—ones resulting not only from natural disasters but also from digitalization and the delicate interconnectedness of all business services.

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