(March 19, 2018)

9 Uses Cases Solved With Enterprise Architecture: Part One

What value proposition does enterprise architecture provide? Three short years ago, the demand for Enterprise Architects was on the decline - leaving many to believe that the days of Enterprise Architecture were over. Currently, digital transformation has uncovered the true value of Enterprise Architecture. With correct Enterprise Architecture Management in place, organizations can build a holistic view of their strategy, processes, information, and IT assets to support the most efficient and secure IT environment.

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(March 16, 2018)

The Week in Enterprise Architecture #11 | 2018

The drive to solve problems and build something useful never really goes away, and blockchain technology is the revolutionary attempt at solving problems. Learn about enterprise blockchain solutions in the 'Enterprise Architecture' section below. 

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(March 15, 2018)

LeanIX and Jira Facilitate Automated Project Communication

Communication plays an essential role in software development and project management.  A study by Project Management Institute revealed that ineffective communication had a negative impact on successful project execution. Unsuccessful projects tend to lack effective communication, which results in negative economic impact - as poor communication management leads to project failure one-third of the time. If that sounds a bit outrageous, view the study results below.

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(March 14, 2018)

Top 4 Ways Enterprise Architects Can Prepare Their Companies for Digital Transformation

Previously, IT played a more of a supporting role; swooping in to save team members when they were locked out of their accounts or fine-tuning network access protocols. This is changing. A recent McKinsey survey revealed that many executives expect IT to play a more integrated role in driving business results. Roughly 80 percent or respondents say that business and technology should collaborate on digital strategy in the future. Going forward, IT leaders will have a leading position in shaping the future decisions of a company.

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(March 13, 2018)

Top 10 Enterprise Architecture Events to Keep on Your Radar in 2018

The Enterprise Architect community is booming all around the world. As the community grows, we benefit from standards set from our collective knowledge, inspiring talks, best-practice insights, collaborative ideation, and valuable networking sessions. Below is a list of Enterprise Architecture and IT transformation focused events to keep a look out for in 2018.

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(March 12, 2018)

The Cost of Self-Made Enterprise Architecture

Software and hardware projects account for a significant portion of the annual IT spend - 31% and 37% respectively. As innovative enterprises are continually searching for ways to cut costs, business leaders will often opt for using a cheaper but unfit tool over professional solutions. While it may be tempting to start out with what appears to be less costly, these solutions will cost your company more in the long run. Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, etc., are not specialized enough to produce professional Enterprise Architecture support or end results.

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(March 09, 2018)

The Week in Enterprise Architecture #10 | 2018

Does your company have remote workers stationed around the world? If so - make sure that your infrastructure secures your network and security data. Find useful tips in the Enterprise Architecture section below.

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(March 08, 2018)

Building Experiences: The Role of Modern IT Service Delivery


Earlier this month, LeanIX co-founder and Co-CEO, André Christ participated in a panel session at the ServiceNow FedForum: Modernizing Government IT Now event in Washington, DC. He was joined by some of the best and brightest in Federal IT, including Renee Wynn (NASA) Mark Patterson (Department of the Army Civilian Human Resources Agency), Mike Parker (U.S. Air Force) and Scott Blackburn (Department of Veterans Affairs).

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(March 08, 2018)

Enterprise Architecture Footprints [Humor]


As an Enterprise Architect, what type of footprint are you leaving behind? Valuable insights or mysterious footprints? 

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(March 07, 2018)

Top 5 Ways to Foster Collaboration in the Enterprise

86% of corporate professionals cite lack of collaboration or ineffective communication as the main reason for workplace failures, and 94% feel collaboration is essential in today’s workplace. 97% of professionals believe a lack of alignment within a team directly impacts the outcome of a task or project.

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