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(December 13, 2018)

Deloitte & LeanIX: Increasing IT Transparency & Steering Effectiveness

Shared needs, shared solutions


Cloud-based solutions are making it easier to integrate operational IT Service Management (ITSM) data into the Enterprise Architecture Management process. By doing so, enterprises can benefit from significantly enhanced IT transparency that enables better business decision-making.


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(December 12, 2018)

Enterprise Architecture Frameworks

 How far have we come? 


Today’s Enterprise Architecture is equally relied on to support IT and Business needs. It is perceived less as a framework for corralling technology into clever models and plans than as a collaborative nexus to an operation’s every behaviour.

But it’s taken a while for this mindset to come about.

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(December 07, 2018)

Reference Architecture & Frameworks: A Consolidation

 Another lesson by Sameer Paradkar


Reference architectures are standardized architectures that provide a frame of reference for a vertical domain or sector. Reference models or architectures provide a common vocabulary, reusable designs, and industry best practices. They are not solution architectures (i.e., they are not implemented directly) but used rather as a constraint for more concrete architectures. Typically, a reference architecture includes common architecture principles, patterns, building blocks, and standards.

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(December 06, 2018)

Microservices: Their Use, Benefits, and Potential Drawbacks

The foundations of the game changer


Allow us to present a quick run-down on the world of microservices. Reason being, it’s a practice at the centre of how LeanIX itself works and is something we actively encourage/facilitate through our product.

Perhaps all of this will come as a review, but either way, let’s begin…

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(November 28, 2018)

The LeanIX Store Opens Its Doors


Located at https://store.leanix.net, the announcement was made by LeanIX CEO André Christ in his keynote speech at EA Connect Days 2018 in Bonn.

“We identified a critical issue where valuable time was wasted building and adopting the same types of reports across businesses,” said Christ. “The LeanIX Store solves this challenge by promoting knowledge-sharing while enabling the transparency and visibility necessary to show the strategic value of EA projects and stay version safe.”

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(November 26, 2018)

EA Connect Days 2018

How it all went down…


350+ attendees. 31 presentations by thought leaders from industry giants. 12 sponsors.

LeanIX’s EA Connect Days 2018 at Bonn’s World Conference Center was a sign of the Enterprise Architecture community’s indisputable importance in today’s corporate world.

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(November 21, 2018)

A Full Approach to Migrating to Microservices Architecture

A lesson from EA expert Sameer Paradkar


Enterprise applications are usually born as monoliths. This practice seems reasonable since the support is less demanding and the system works well from a limited scopes. Microservices take precedence, however, once a system grows too large and complex. A common practice is to break the monolith into small autonomous pieces, each deployed and sustained by an agile team while leaving the team collaboration issues behind.

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(November 15, 2018)

Further Education: 12 Certificates for Enterprise Architects

Higher learning to solidify your expertise


A career in Enterprise Architecture can be bolstered by a variety of industry certifications. Indeed it is expected that EAs stay current of IT and business trends to execute fitting architectural designs for their organizations. So, whether related to systems thinking, project management skills, IT governance and operations, or hardware and software knowledge, here are 12 certifications to augment a life in EA:


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(November 14, 2018)

6 Things You Need to Know About IT Transformation Into the Cloud...

...and how traditional IT must change its behaviour


You already know this, but Cloud Technology has kind of changed the business world—not just the lives of IT professionals.

Cloud-enablement, and the proliferation of SaaS systems, has advanced to a point where start-ups can harness enough capacity from leased technology to challenge industry titans without actually needing a staff of IT support engineers.

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(November 13, 2018)

6 Ways to Automate IT Effectively

André Christ shares his best practices


Life is better if IT processes become automated. When software and applications are leveraged to minimize manual labor and maximize efficiency, an atmospheric change occurs in enterprises—more smiles, an economy of compliments, children are reunited with their parents, etc.

The opposite is true, however, when sequences are built and deployed poorly. Bad automation causes a backlog of errors—ranging from technical to organizational—almost impossible to fix with architecture management alone.

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