(June 07, 2018)

Discover & Organize Business Capabilities with Enterprise Architecture

Business-capability mapping allows companies to clearly see what a business does to reach its objectives. Business capability modeling is an essential view for IT leaders. Business needs should shape your IT architecture. As companies change, innovate, and prepare for digital transformation, processes, needs, and goals change. After complex and numerous changes, the supporting technology should also be revisited.

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(June 05, 2018)

LeanIX Announces New Partner - Lean42


LeanIX is pleased to add Lean42 to the ranks of its diverse Partner Ecosystem.

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(May 29, 2018)

In Case You Missed It – The 2017 Enterprise Architecture Awards

Every year, Forrester puts on the Enterprise Architecture Awards. Vetted analysts performed the first round of review, the previous winners act as final judges and vote for the teams they believe had the most impact on moving their businesses forward. The companies remain unnamed during the voting process.

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(May 24, 2018)

How to Solve GDPR with Enterprise Architecture - real case study

If you've checked your email anytime during the last week, chances are you've stumbled upon many emails from companies informing you of their changes due to GDPR. Customers are now aware of their rights granted to them by the upcoming regulation, while companies scramble to get everything under control. Below is the definitive guide to solving GDPR with Enterprise Architecture.

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(May 22, 2018)

Easily Define Business Capability Maps [Infographic]

Business capability modeling is an technique for the representation of an organization’s business anchor model independent of the organization’s structure, processes, people or domains.

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(May 18, 2018)

The Week in Enterprise Architecture #20 | 2018

This week examines the drivers behind the growing interest for Kubernetes for data science and machine learning applications, why CIOs are ignoring blockchain, and the issues in Enterprise Of Things (EoT)'s security. Learn why EAs are integral in digital transformation success, and read the top 10 must-read DevOps books of 2018 in the Technology section below. 

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(May 17, 2018)

Enterprise Architecture Case Study: RUAG's Post-Merger IT Landscape

This article explains how RUAG harmonizes their post-merger IT landscape by implementing a virtual EA team.

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(May 16, 2018)

Top 10 DevOps Must Read Books of 2018

From DIY projects to agile transformation, there is no shortage of how-to books spilling with helpful tips of how to cultivate a particular craft. While the DevOps movement began in 2009, there are still a lot of questions about what DevOps means, how it’s done, and what the tangible benefits of DevOps are. As DevOps practices look different in every company, there are no one-size-fits-all frameworks. Thoroughly covering DevOps and its implications requires reading numerous books on the subject. Below we will list the top 10 DevOps must-read books of 2018.

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(May 15, 2018)

AMAG Uses Enterprise Architecture to Support Agile Transformation

Learn how AMAG uses Enterprise Architecture management to transform the SAP landscape for the digital age.

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(May 14, 2018)

5 Critical IT Architecture Challenges Solved With Real-Time Metrics [Video]

Learn how to rethink Enterprise Architecture by combining your existing EA repository with real-time data from our latest webinar. Gartner reports that 90% of the information assets from big data analytics efforts through 2017 will be siloed and therefore unleveragable. LeanIX makes all information available in a single repository of information, which helps to solve many use cases. 

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