(October 17, 2017)

9 Steps to IoT Security in the Enterprise

IoT is spreading at an unprecedented pace. Just two short years ago in 2015, there were around 15.4 billion connected devices. Intel predicts that there will be 200 billion connected devices by 2020. IoT devices will also bring a great deal of revenue to the market. Business Insider predicts that total business spending on IoT solutions will reach $6 trillion by 2021.

There’s no mistake, IoT will have a grave impact on our world. IoT also has issues to work out. If security is not properly addressed in the early stages of implementing IoT, hackers can target weak points and exploit the data of your entire infrastructure.

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(September 27, 2017)

Enterprise IoT Depends Upon Enterprise Architecture

As the sensor, device, and infrastructure technologies that underpin the Internet of Things (IoT) mature, enterprises are increasingly incorporating IoT strategies into their digital transformation roadmaps.

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(July 22, 2017)

Microservices Will Prepare Your Enterprise for IoT

By 2020, every single product and service will have artificial intelligence components. New types of networks are being developed in order to meet the changing demands brought forth by digital transformation. For example, The 5G network -expected to be fully operational by 2020 - was designed with IoT and the increase velocity of data sharing in mind.

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