(October 12, 2017)

Prepare for GDPR at EA Connect Day 2017

Join LeanIX this coming November at the 4th annual EA Connect Day. Amongst the many topics covered, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will take the center stage. American research firm Gartner predicts that by the end of 2018, more than 50% of companies affected by the GDPR will not be in full compliance with its requirements. Don't be one of them!

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(September 26, 2017)

Learn About Microservices at EA Connect Day 2017

This coming November, LeanIX is hosting the 4th annual EA Connect Day. Amongst the many topics covered, Microservices will take the center stage, and could be one of the most important takeaways for your organization.

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(September 22, 2017)

9 Reasons to Attend EA Connect Day

This coming November, LeanIX is hosting the 4th annual EA Connect Day. This event draws over 200+ of the top minds in Enterprise Architecture, IT, and anyone with an interest in the practical management of modern IT architectures.

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(November 22, 2016)

Interview: Valentine Gogichashvili, Head of Data at Zalando - data integration in a microservices based environment


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(October 26, 2016)

When, how much and how? Answering the hardest questions in Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture Trends according to the EA Connect Day 2016

On October the 6th, LeanIX hosted the 3rd EA Connect Day at the Zalando Innovation Lab in Berlin with over 3 times as many attendees as last year.  The EA Connect Day has been a conference favored by many Enterprise Architects in the last years as it has become a venue to exchange ideas and gain new insights into modern Enterprise Architecture. 

"To see how the EA Connect Day grows from year to year, establishes itself as an industry event of the enterprise architecture scene and brings together an ever increasing number of innovative heads is something very special for us," says André Christ, founder and Co-CEO of LeanIX.

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(October 17, 2016)

EA Connect Day 2016

With more than 100 participants, LeanIX establishes a day solely for the international IT Architecture Scene

On October the 6th, LeanIX hosted the 3rd EA Connect Day at the Zalando Innovation Lab in Berlin with over 100 attendees! IT Managers, Enterprise Architects and DevOps Experts from around the world came together to listen to top-notch experts and share their opinions. As the conversations were very interesting so, we would like to give you a summary of the event as well as a quick recap of the speakers. 

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(October 22, 2015)

Bimodal IT - The IT of two speeds

Architecture Management between historically grown IT and agile development

At the 2nd LeanIX EA Connect Day in Berlin Aneta Nowobilska and Andreas Joebges, both from Axel Springer, presented a type of architecture model suitable for companies that want to develop quickly, flexibly and successfully digital products despite a historically grown IT landscape.  Here digital platforms are an approach to the transition to flexibility. The resulting importance for the role of an architect and the architecture management in the field of agile development was demonstrated.

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(October 05, 2015)

2nd EA Connect Day in Berlin

On 29 September LeanIX hosted the 2nd EA Connect Day at the Axel Springer Penthouse in Berlin. IT Managers, EAM and DevOps Experts from more than 30 companies came together to listen to topical presentations and network. Learning from each other was the prime objective. At the stunning location participants did not only have a fantastic view over Berlin but were also be inspired by the creative atmosphere of the rooms. The motto of the day was Modern IT Architectures. The speakers approached this theme from different vantage points: Large Corporates as well as dynamic e-commerce companies, analysts and young start-ups all offered an exiting mix of different perspectives on the subject. All had in common that a suituable IT architecture was considered to be central to the implementation of their business model.
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(December 08, 2014)

LeanIX EA Connect Day in Basel

Before Christmas LeanIX invited to one of its EA (Enterprise Architecture) Connect Days which took place in Basel, Switzerland and was organized in cooperation with some of our clients. These events aim at local networking and informal exchange cross-companies. The focus is laid on learning from each other.

Our host this time was the assurance company Helvetia. The location was the ideal place not only for interesting and diversified presentations but also for an informal exchange among the representatives while having a nice snack and an Apero. Representatives of 12 companies from the regions Basel and Zurich were interested in Enterprise Architecture, some of them already had made experience with EA.
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