(May 03, 2017)

Data Governance

Dear son,

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(April 24, 2017)

Don't be foolish with Data

The 7 most expensive words:
"We have always done it that way"

When adopting a strategy towards data, businesses often prefer to start with what they already have and slowly adopt new technologies… sometimes this is a good approach, but if your company wants to use the collected data efficiently, a point usually comes where the used tools are not sufficient anymore.

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(February 10, 2017)

CIOs’ top three priorities in 2017 – how can Enterprise Architecture help?

The new year has arrived and now is a good time to get familiar with the CIOs’ key strategic priorities and concerns they have in mind for 2017. The Nomura Holdings CIO Survey does just this by examining their budget priorities for this cycle.

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(February 08, 2017)

GDPR EU compliance – an opportunity for Enterprise Architects?

The General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR EU (Regulation EU 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of Council of 27 April 2016) is a regulation of the European Union introduced to improve and unify personal data protection of individuals within the European Union. It enters into application in May 2018. 

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