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April 9, 2014

Critical SSL bug discovered - how leanIX protects customer data

On April 7th a security issue has been discovered in the Open-Source software OpenSSL. This widely used library encrypts all data exchange between webservers and browsers. Due to a programming error in OpenSSL it is possible to read a certain memory area on the server. Unfortunately this area is sufficient to steal the private key used for the encryption of the traffic. If an attacked gets hold of the private key, he could decrypt the data between browser and webserver. As the bug is located in the so called "heartbeet" function of OpenSSL, it was named "Heartbleed-Bug".

April 5, 2014

EAM for medium-sized businesses

Tips from an expert by Thomas Mannmeusel, CIO of Webstato SE

Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) is still seen as topic that only applies to large companies. In the near future small- and medium-sized business cannot afford to further ignore EAM, since international competition is intensifying even for them. Only companies will persist that are able to react to dynamic changes in the market, and companies can only react when they are in control of their IT. The good news is: Even with a small budget, EAM is possible and will deliver concrete results.

Why do medium-sized companies fall behind?

February 10, 2014

The butterfly effect constrains long term planning of enterprise architecture management

Managing IT architecture is comparable to a weather forecast and just as you know there are limits to it. Small changes in the original setting will significantly change the outcome in the long run – so called butterfly effect. Weather forecasts are detailed as never before and can consider huge amounts of information, but one thing has not changed: After three days you cannot be sure about its predictions.

December 20, 2013

How do Enterprise Architects benefit from REST?

New possibilities: the first EAM Tool with integrated REST Interface

I will give you the answer right away: Passionate Enterprise Architects will appreciate the new possibilities. Everybody else will not feel affected until new requirements arise that cannot be fulfilled by the existing solution. A REST Interface – especially one that is able to update data – has become a common feature of modern applications. It abruptly opens new possibilities for the integration in the enterprise landscape but also for individualization of work processes, since REST is easy to apply – even for users without any programming skills.

Adapt your tool to your personal style of working – not the other way around

Imagine the EAM inventory is changed at a central point, but at that very moment you have no access to it. Maybe you quickly want to add a comment to a provider.

November 7, 2013

Gartner surprised IT Leaders with EAM Magic Quadrant 2013

This is a brief comparison of the differences between the 2012 and 2013 Magic Quadrants for Enterprise Architecture Tools based just on the X/Y position in the quadrant. We have chosen this approach because many people just look at the position in the quadrant and don’t read the report in detail.

Analyzing the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Architecture Tools 2013 is quite interesting. In 2012 the Leader Quadrant was quite crowded and a couple of products very close to each other. This year Gartner has chosen to provide more clarity of the position of each tool and separates tools much more from each other. In the 2013 Quadrant you can draw a line from the bottom left to upper right where most tools are at.