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July 13, 2016

Getting started with real-time metrics and iterate quickly

In our fourth and final article on real-time metrics, we will look at how to easily implement them in order to obtain fast results.

Quick results are a critical success factor for every information initiative. The starting point is therefore an obvious business problem that can be solved by new or better data. For example, businesses have to understand which financial effects, such as lost sales, result from a system failure. Only then it can be determined, based on the data available, how much effort should be spent on preventing malfunctions.

The integration of data from various expert tools in LeanIX is easy and does not require in-depth expert knowledge.

July 12, 2016

Tech Stack best practice for big and small

CIO, CTOs and IT managers face the challenge to manage hundreds, or in some companies thousands, of technology products: Which data base technology to favor for the next year? What risk do outdated server operating systems bear? How big is the saving potential of sourcing all middleware from one manufacturer? One goal of Enterprise Architecture is to make such complexity manageable.

July 11, 2016

5 use cases solved with real-time metrics

In our third blog article we will examine five specific use cases in which real-time metrics are able to solve problems.

Overview of selected LeanIX Metrics applications

July 7, 2016

Better Decisions with Metrics in a Business Context - Case Study

“74% of the companies surveyed indicate that there is no or hardly any integration between IT and business metrics.”

Imagine a renowned insurance company in the year 2016. Business has hardly changed throughout the years. But suddenly customers want to get in contact and interact with their insurance representatives via completely new channels. The still static company website becomes insufficient, mobile solutions must be provided and the application environment, grown over time, must be expanded with innovative cloud solutions.

Furthermore, the insurance provider appears to be confronted with a new kind of competitor for the first time. A great number of startups compete with their increasingly successful, innovative concepts and take a significant share of the market.

The challenge: creating business context for metrics

July 5, 2016

LeanIX Metrics - data is only valuable in the right context

In a series of blog posts we would like to examine, how the enormous amounts of data that are available to us today can be put into a context with IT thanks to Enterprise Architecture (EA). In this first post we will introduce the subject, in a series of further articles we will explore a case study, in which real-time metrics allow for better business decisions, five use cases for real-time metrics and how you can get started with real-time metrics and iterate quickly.