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May 25, 2016

Innovative German enterprise software continues successful expansion to US

LeanIX establishes office in Houston, Texas.

The new office will be the basis of LeanIX’s development in North America in the future.

Start-up LeanIX, that was founded by Jörg G. Beyer and André Christ in 2012, has been growing continually since over the last few years. Many well-known clients in Europe are using the intuitive tool that supports them to plan and manage their IT landscape.

May 14, 2016

It's time to listen to the IT Pros - Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Architecture Tools 2016

If you are interested in tools for Enterprise Architecture, then you may well take a look at analyst reports on this subject. In early May the new Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Architecture Tools was published; a little earlier than expected, as the 2015 Magic Quadrant had been published only a few months ago.
The surprise about the results was limited, because the tool market is not moving that fast. Even if current trends such as digitization, Big Data, Internet of Things and industry 4.0 would actually need new tools. But innovative approaches, the real challengers, are excluded from the quadrant because of a minimum annual turnover of 16.5 M $. This limit is understandable, because not all tools on the market can be evaluated by one or two analysts.

May 6, 2016

Lean Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) - Getting started on digital transformation

In our final blog post of our series on how lean EAM can play a vital role on the road to digital transformation, we suggest how to get started:

What you need to do until tomorrow.

Accept that digitization changes your business, sooner or later. Start to communicate that digitization is not an IT or technology issue, but that it affects the whole company. Dispassionately assess how mature your company is in terms of digital capabilities, and how mature it needs to be.

85 C-level executives confirm: EA requires real-time metrics

We.CONECT Global Leaders in cooperation with LeanIX conducted a survey among 85 C-level IT professionals on the state of modern IT architecture in European companies. We are excited to see that high-profile IT professionals confirm that we are working towards the right goals with LeanIX: bringing real-time metrics in the context of Enterprise Architecture (EA), enabling new operating models, expanding our position as the most modern EA tool and engaging in further partnerships with key players in IT management, such as BDNA, the makers of the Technopedia product catalogue. Find the detailed survey results at the end of our post.

May 3, 2016

Forrester confirms the importance of BizDevOps and Metrics

BizDevOps and Real-time Metrics are topics that are very important to LeanIX. On the one hand because we notice their importance for our clients every day, on the other because we believe that both are important bases of a modern IT to successfully meet the challenges of digitization. We are very happy that Forrester agrees with us on this path in their current report.