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November 24, 2015

How to plan your integrations better - new Interface Fact Sheet

leanIX is a solution that models the complex reality as simply as possible – but does not make it too simple. There is a fine line between reducing complexity to allow managers to process information for decision making and staying close enough to reality for the information to be actually relevant.

Most modern IT organizations face exactly this challenge when they think about their interfaces. The nature of interfaces is inherently complex. You can look at interfaces from a technical perspective: Which application actually provides an interface for other applications by leveraging which technology? Or from a data flow perspective: Which data objects are transferred in which direction? And how often?

When you are starting to combine those questions, you end up with an enormous amount of possible combinations. So we thought very hard about a great way to model and visualize interfaces in leanIX.

Why did we change the interface logic?

November 19, 2015

Ask the experts: How can a survey help my IT to be more efficient?

leanIX is well known for its lean information exchange in a distributed environment. We are always striving for innovation that supports our efforts to improve your communication and collaboration. Our Survey Add-On does not sound like an innovation at first, but if you think about its different use cases you will soon become intrigued.

First of all, why do we offer this as an add-on and not as an integral part of the EAM tool leanIX? Pricing is the best answer we can give. Every customer is different and not all companies would consider using a survey to inform people or for data gathering. While it is not an essential part of an efficient EAM tool, it can be a very useful functionality to support it.

What are the use cases behind the development of the Survey Add-on?

November 17, 2015

leanIX Survey Add-on use cases - Initial data capturing

EAM tools are only valuable for companies if the data quality is high. The new leanIX survey add-on raises the bar for distributed data management and gives companies new possibilities to keep their data up-to-date.

In our first use case we will walk you through a process of initial data capturing during the leanIX ramp-up.

November 4, 2015

New leanIX certified partner

Consultants from ITM and LeanIX intensified their cooperation during a two-day-workshop in Stuttgart. In future, both companies intend to face jointly the challenges of complex IT transformation in SMEs. ITM is a consulting company in Stuttgart with its main focus on technology management and IT architecture and a wide range of IT transformations.

Since 1995 ITM has been supporting complex projects of renowned companies and SMEs, particularly in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. They focus on project results – technology affinity supported by methodological competence characterize the agile approach of ITM. ITM has been operating in the field of Enterprise Architecture for over 12 years and has methodological experience across various industries.

We look forward to our continuing cooperation!

More information about leanIX services offered by ITM can be found here.

October 22, 2015

Bimodal IT - The IT of two speeds

Architecture Management between historically grown IT and agile development

At the 2nd LeanIX EA Connect Day in Berlin Aneta Nowobilska and Andreas Joebges, both from Axel Springer, presented a type of architecture model suitable for companies that want to develop quickly, flexibly and successfully digital products despite a historically grown IT landscape.  Here digital platforms are an approach to the transition to flexibility. The resulting importance for the role of an architect and the architecture management in the field of agile development was demonstrated.